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Dong Seo High Tech Co., Ltd
#1212-2, Joil-Ri,Samdong-Myeon, Ulju-Gun, Ulsan
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Taewoong Han
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We, pursuing 'people first' and 'customer satisfaction', are doing our best to reduce your construction cost and time by establishing mass production system for portable automatic tire washer based on your encouragement and help.

With the best people and ISO9001 certified quality system, we will provide never-ending service for our products.

We will give a top priority to each one of our customers and fulfill our promise to you to make DONGSEO High Tech very strong and healthy company.

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   Company Name: Dong Seo High Tech Co., Ltd
   Contact Person: Taewoong Han  
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   Address: #1212-2, Joil-Ri,Samdong-Myeon, Ulju-Gun, Ulsan, Korea
   Telephone: 82-52-2541934

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